Steaming up the Bathroom: Sexy Bathroom Remodels

From on August 12, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

Tired of doing it in the bedroom? Next! Heat things up by transforming your bathroom into a water chamber of love. Before now, you’ve probably taken your bathroom for granted, using it to do your business and get out as quickly as possible. But after reading this, you’ll never see those four walls in quite the same light again. Let’s turn this lackluster space into a sanctuary that can really get the juices flowing (yes, pun intended).

Hydrotherapeutic Massage Jets


Why pay overpriced day spa fees again and again? Order a massage bathtub and reap those sexy benefits for years to come. Featuring hydrotherapeutic massage jets, these tubs are not only super hot, but they’re good for your body & mind. Gustavberg offers jet streams that are “anatomically positioned to massage and stimulate different muscle groups.” A tub that knows your body better than you do = pure unadulterated bliss.


Now, this may not be my reality, but if it were, I’d be making underwater love until my fingers were wrinkly. The “Faraway Interior Pool” by Kos is a concept spa piece that requires ample bathroom space and a hunger for contemporary design. Soothing ripples are created by a blower beneath the pool steps.

Steaming up the Shower

For those moments when you’re just a little too preoccupied to watch your step, might I suggest the walk-in shower? These sleek oases are designed level with the floor, so there’s no shower basin to trip over and kill the mood. If your bathroom is large enough, you don’t need any partitions at all – just you and your mate beneath a waterfall, as nature intended it.

For a great foot massage, install river rock in the shower floor. The smooth stones exfoliate rough heels and feel so good on the balls of your feet & arches.

The latest trend is the luxurious waterfall showerhead. Hansgrohe makes a version that’s nearly two feet in diameter and seamlessly integrated into your ceiling – perfect for certain acrobatics where you’d otherwise bump your head. The fixture combines water, light and air for different massaging rain patterns.

For another pleasurable dual-shower experience, try putting a massaging showerhead at each end of the shower. No one’s left out in the cold.

Ambience & Mood

  • Install a dimmer or low-glow lighting to really set the mood. Most bathroom lights are too harsh and white – this is not conducive to sexy time.
  • Smell is our closest sense tied to memory. Don’t overpower your bathroom ambience with heavy potpourri and air freshener. Keep it suave with warm-scented candles, occasional incense, and open windows to let in a cool breeze.
  • Keep your countertops clear! You’ll need that extra room. The fewer visible bathroom products, the better.
  • Install a bathroom sound system to get your erotic playlist going. Music is one of the best natural mood stimulators.
  • Lush plant life - tropical plants will thrive in your bathroom; the steamy moisture keeps them just as satisfied as you.

Some attractive, leafy options:

o Heart-leafed philodendron

o Cast iron plant

o Boston fern

The Au Naturale Look

To bring out those primal instincts, place teak or bamboo accents around the room. Warm hues and subtle patterns are pleasing to the eye, while smooth-as-silk textures are pleasant to the touch, no matter which part’s doing the

Sexy Pedestal Sinks

Save space with a sleek pedestal sink. The Fontaine Granite Stone vessel sink stand looks like a large bowl-shaped stone sitting atop a twisted, gnarly vine - adding to your Eden effect and natural setting.


Beginning with the floors, go with one of these for the Eden Effect:

Textured stamped concrete gives you better traction on what could be a very slippery surface. Order it custom-molded & patterned into any style you want – stone, tile or something that speaks to your passion.

Less is More

No matter how you slice it, the toilet’s just not sexy. Your best option to enhance the atmosphere in your new couple’s aromatherapy den is to upgrade to a new low-flow toilet - many of the newer models are low-key and smaller in size.

Paradise on a Budget

Even small adjustments can up your game:

  1. Replace the flooring with something warmer, like wood laminate or peel-and-stick tile that looks like stone.
  2. Trade in your old-fashioned vanity for a sexy pedestal sink and space-saving linen cabinet.
  3. Put up tree branch towel racks and other natural-looking accessories.
  4. Buy two new matching showerheads – you can have a luxury model for about $300-$400, or significantly less for standard options. Invest in your own sanity and spring for nice massager or waterfall heads.
  5. If you have the room, add a beautiful wooden bench along one wall - it’s good to have a place to sit when your legs are achy-shaky from a really steamy shower.

The Ultimate Singles Bath


  • If there’s one thing I know, it’s that the fewer people regularly sharing a tub, the more jets are needed. A clawfoot tub with jets may be in order. There’s nothing like soaking up to your ears in a tub like grandma used to have (and letting the cutting-edge jets do things she would never have dreamed of).
  • Mirrors make everything look bigger. Hang a full-length mirror to the back of the door, replace your medicine cabinet with a larger wall mirror, and/or put up mirrored tiles. Mirrors that face each other from opposite walls make the room look infinitely larger.
  • Install a flatscreen or stereo system. You’re never alone when you’re listening to some sexy jazz or watching bikini babes on the beach.
  • Need a little help getting the heat going when you’re by yourself? Have radiant heat installed under the bathroom floor, put up a heated towel rack, or install a heated drawer. Things’ll get instantly hotter in your bathroom, but that’s OK - no one’s looking.
  • Sometimes we forget how pleasant light can be. Come out of the shadows and add more light to your bathroom with solar tubes, sconces or just extra wattage.