Stainless Steel in the Bathroom

From on July 07, 2008 in Bathroom Remodel

Stainless TileBathroom renovations are in close competition with kitchen remodels for the most important improvement you can make to your house. Let’s face it, anyone purchasing your home wants to pretend no one has ever used the bathroom before and the newer and more attractive it looks the better. In the past couple of years, stainless steel has definitely ruled in kitchen design, both for appliances and even cabinetry and countertops. Now, its popularity is spreading to bathroom design.

As displayed in this article “Kitchen and Bath: Stainless Steel Tile,” stainless steel now comes in striking wall tiles. Choose between brick shapes, round mosaics, or columned squares and rectangles. The tiles have a porcelain core wrapped in stainless steel. The tiles can be used on the wall and are waterproof so they can also be used in showers. Just as you would use in the kitchen, you can also install stainless countertopping in bathrooms.

Stainless steel is not restricted to the items discussed above; did you know you can also purchase stainless steel toilets and sinks? You can choose stainless faucets and accessories as well.

Stainless is loved for its sleek, modern look along with its anti-bacterial properties, making it an ideal choice for bathroom design. It looks beautiful complementing woods or stones. If you would like to incorporate stainless into your remodel, then request free estimates from pre-screened remodeling contractors in your area.

Photo Credit: Susan Jablon Mosaics