Splash Out with Fancy Bathroom Tile Treatments

From on August 11, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

Add drama and elegance to your bathroom with eye-catching tile treatments. Even the simplest styles can create a splash of luxury - it all depends on strategic placement of borders, accents, and layout patterns.

In large bathrooms, the personal spa environment can be enhanced with glass tile patterns for visual effect. Many bathrooms are modest or small in size, and splurging on decorative tile can turn these tight rooms into charming oases.

Since tile is such a distinctive design element, whatever style you choose will set the tone for the overall bathroom, and it doesn’t take a lot of tile to make a statement. A brightly patterned tile backsplash in the space between sink and mirror can make as bold a statement as a whole room done in tiles of similar hue and texture.

For the eco-conscious, tiles made of recycled glass are now available, along with the customary stone and ceramic options so much easier by offering segments of small tiles attached to mesh backing. This ensures accurately placed tiles with little work on your end.

There are incredible tile artisans who specialize in crafting tile murals and borders. Many will custom-design special projects, working with elements that indicate specific colors, motifs, and overall style requirements.Whether you’re hiring a professional or you’re going to roll up your sleeves and do a smaller project yourself, you need to begin by choosing the tile and design plan. Know your options and expand your creative thinking by looking at projects that others have done. You may even want to consider installing floor-warming elements in the subfloor while you’re at it!

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