Small Bathroom Remodels are More Affordable Than Ever

From on September 01, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

small-bathroom-remodelI want to talk about small bathrooms.

Many of you have expressed an interest—and even a concern—in getting that small bathroom renovated in time for fall company.

You’re in luck.

Out of all the renovations you can make in your home, a bathroom remodel is one of the most financially beneficial investments you can make.

Not to mention that it improves the functionality of your home—and keeps guests spaced out and happy come Thanksgiving.

And the best news for you right now? This is a job that can be done efficiently and smoothly. This month.

How to get started?

First things first: check pricing in your area.

You can do this quickly by clicking here.

Many homeowners are surprised at the affordability of contractor rates in the fall.

Secondly, know what you’re getting into.

Small bathrooms can be challenging in their limited space design, but they’re incredibly fun to remodel, too. Small installments go a long way here.

For instance, just by replacing a sink or bathtub, or redoing the flooring, you can update your look, use more efficient fixtures and appliances, and create a sense of larger space.

What are you hoping and dreaming for?

Let’s talk about why you even want to go ahead with that bathroom renovation that’s been on your mind.

The average return on bathroom remodeling is as high as 80 to 90 percent. That’s incredible!

Not to mention that contractors are bidding competitively for such a job in this current economic climate, which means that you’ll get a great job for a great deal.

In fact, browse through our directory and check out the contractors near you. Thousands of CalFinder users connect with their dream contractors every day.

You can even enter the project into the bid section, and receive back a comprehensive range of bathroom remodel estimates.

The devil’s in the details

Aside from the larger changes that require a contractor, don’t forget that it’s all in the details.

Plan now for the color combination that’ll lift your spirits on a daily basis. High contrasts (such as navy and white) bring boldness and drama, while neutrals and whites create a spa-like calm.

Also consider your fixtures. Do you want to change the knobs and drawer pulls to match your new tub or shower?

Would you benefit from adding towel racks or cottage-like open shelving? Take out your old shelving to make room for an antique vanity?

Consider all the details and come at your project with a plan in mind.

Look now at your bathroom budget and what you’re wanting out of your remodel. And don’t forget that the return in this investment is gloriously outrageous. And that you’ll be so much more sane when the holidays hit and everyone has their own spa-like space.

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