Small Bathroom Remodeling Takes Off in Los Angeles

From on November 04, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


Let’s just say it. Los Angeles is cool. From style to food to lifestyle to film, this city is a trendsetter. Yes, many manias then followed by other cities have come out of this iconic culture center, and the latest on our radar has been small bathroom remodels.

While the sunshine may have no end in this sunny city, the real estate is limited. Yes, you have your fair share of mansions and breathtaking villas—but smaller houses are more par for the course than anything here. And Los Angeles residents know that, while the outdoors are an extension of their own dwelling space, they have to make every square foot count.

Perhaps this attention to making the most of space is why we here at CalFinder have seen a massive surge in small bathroom remodel interest coming out of Los Angeles lately. We’ve received many questions about the process, and many local Los Angeles contractor requests.

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Perhaps you already know what residents from Los Angeles seem to know: that a bathroom remodel can get you one of the highest returns on investments of any home improvement project. In fact, your return on your investment can be around 70% or higher.

This is to say nothing of the fact that modernizing with green fixtures can get you government rebates. And save you money on your monthly energy and water bills, up to hundreds of dollars per year. To make sure you go through the process correctly and qualify for those government rebates, you’ll want to connect with all-star contractors who can help you through the process.

Click here to search CalFinder’s database of contractors. Also keep in mind that many rebates run out at the end of this year, so if you start now with a remodel, you can qualify in time, before the year’s end.


Many smaller dwellings like many that fill Los Angeles’ sunny hillsides and beachfronts feature one bathroom. This is likely one reason why Los Angeles residents are looking so heavily at the small bathroom remodel. A single bathroom must do all of the work. No sending your guest to their own pristine bathroom—you gotta share. And, with comparatively limited square footage, a small bathroom has to be planned just right.

Aside from a kitchen remodel, a small bathroom remodel in such a dwelling is the best choice you can make for home improvement. It will revolutionize your living space. Cut costs dramatically. Potentially change the entire flow of the house. One Los Angeles homeowner added hook-ups for a stackable front-load washer and dryer set in their bathroom, opening up the previous laundry closet for a miniature children’s playroom and toy storage closet.

If you’re considering a small bathroom remodel, and want to keep it affordable, think like a Los Angeles resident: consider if your bathroom windows are able to let in fresh air for ventilation, consider going with paint instead of wallpaper (especially if you live nearer to the water and moisture), and take a look at how your small bathroom functions overall to provide for every need that you’re wanting it to.

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