Small Bathrooms with Big Imaginations

From on October 15, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Just because your bathroom is limited in size doesn’t mean it has to be limited in style. After all, you only need a shower or bath and sink and toilet, and the rest is gravy. Here are some modest bathrooms that think beyond function, and transform their small spaces into sheer beauty.

small bathroom wallpaper

A good wallpaper with streamlined hardware does it every time. You can revamp your own bathroom with a minor remodel. Find out how much it’ll cost here.

small bathroom double vanity

Symmetrical sinks and mirrors don’t require much room (even less than pictured here) to change your life.

clutterless small bathroom

Low in clutter and high in style, this bathroom has created much from very little through its meticulous design choices—even the illusion of more space.

Your own bathroom can be the size of a cupboard, but with a floating vanity sink and invisible water tank for the toilet, you’ve maximized the space potential of your bathroom.

small bathroom tiles

A similar use of brilliant tiling and details (the color inversion is so unique, no?) and pared-down fixtures create a simple luxury.

Considering remodeling your own bathroom? Get a few cost estimates for free, and you’ll be on your way to bathroom bliss.

small bathroom wainscoting

If nothing else, adding wainscoting and a new claw-footed tub, or repainting, takes up no additional room while creating a whole new space.

Photo Credit: Niche Interiors, Luxury Ideas, & OnTimeBath