5 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

From on July 28, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

#1 – Bold minimalism

small bathroom minimalism With minimal space, be minimalist—boldly. This elegant French-style bathroom exudes personality with every detail. The gold hardware, the black painted clawfoot tub, the wall color—all work together in the name of utility and simplicity. The ledge showcases what little toiletries reside. If your bath must be abbreviated, let it be so boldly.

#2 – Pretty materials

small bathroom tile wall When space is limited, make the materials do the aesthetic work. Choose unusual tile such as this beautiful blue variety, and good flooring, and be meticulous in your hardware choices. Changing out harsh overhead lighting for a chandelier can add instant glam. Reserve the bright lighting for just-over-the-sink mirrors.

#3 – Creative storage

small bathroom storage When space is limited, consider the blank spaces as useful. What might have been a simple corner here provides space in the form of vertical open shelving.

#4– Free-standing cabinetry

small bathroom floating cabinets Free-standing cabinetry allows for more room below (for baskets of extra toilet paper, white towels rolled and stacked, etc.), and lightens up a small space. The simple mirror above gives plenty of vantage points without drawing attention to itself.

#5 – Double up, buttercup

small bathroom double sink When a small bathroom means cramped space for two, consider doubling up. Without taking up much more space, a second sink means that you can groom beside each other in peace rather than waiting your turn. Like the deceptive difference between a queen and king bed, such a small change in function and design can revolutionize your routine and help streamline your daily life.

Photo Credits: Levenson McDavid, Design Public, Fiorella Design, nilus designs, & houzz