Six tips to Maximize Small Bathroom Space

From on October 08, 2013 in Bathroom Remodel

Not all homes are blessed with an overabundance of bathroom space. If your bathroom is feeling a little on the cramped side, use one of these six easy tips to maximize your space.

Install a Pedestal Sink

Not only are pedestal sinks gorgeous, but they are great for small bathrooms because they take up less floor space and do not get in the way of opening and closing the door. If the lack of counter space is a problem, a small glass shelf installed over the sink can provide just enough space for an assortment of toiletries while in use.

Buy a Shelf Space Saver

The easiest way to add storage space to a small bathroom is to put a shelf space saver over the toilet. These shelving systems require no installation—just put them right in place and instantly increase your amount of storage space. Putting extra toilet paper rolls on these shelves prevents you from needing a toilet paper holder taking up floor space. Putting towels on these shelves prevents a whole section of wall from being used for a single towel rack.

Store Items in the Shower

Another way to maximize your small bathroom space is to store items in the shower. A caddy placed over the shower head is an excellent place to keep shampoo, conditioner, face wash, soap and razors. A caddy on the wall can hold loofahs and scrubbers. A small net with suction cups can be attached to the back of the bathtub to hold children’s toys so they are not scattered all over the floor. You can also hang items in netted bags on the inside of the shower curtain rod.

Use Hooks Behind the Door

Attaching hooks to the back of the bathroom door is a great way to add storage to an otherwise wasted space. Bathroom hooks can be used to hold bathrobes, towels and washcloths. They can also hold netted bags full of kid’s toys or extra bathroom supplies like soap. Using hooks keeps these items readily accessible while stowing them away.

Take Tasks Out of the Bathroom

If your bathroom is so small that you want to spend as little time in it as possible, you can always take some tasks usually done in the bathroom outside of the room. Installing a full length mirror in a hall closet can make the hallway a suitable place for putting on make-up or doing your hair, freeing up the bathroom for someone else. Plus, using a hallway closet for these tasks means fewer items need to be stored in the bathroom.

Trade in Your Bathtub for a Stand-alone Shower

If your bathroom is in serious need of more space, beyond what simple shelving solutions can provide, and you do not take baths, you may consider having your bathtub replaced with a stand-alone shower. Stand-alone showers take up about half the space that traditional bathtubs do. A stand-alone shower can vastly improve the layout of your bathroom, changing your space from a tight area that makes you feel claustrophobic to a perfect space that makes you feel relaxed.

There are a number of ideas, tips and tricks to increase the size of a small bathroom. What are some tricks you have employed to increase the size of your small bathroom?