Simple Updates for a Shiny New Bathroom

From on November 19, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

shiny bathroom remodel

With daily and continuous usage, a bathroom can need revamping within just a few years. So how to take care of it without paying for a whole renovation? Give your space what’s called a minor bathroom remodel. You spruce up the bones of the place with a few simple tasks, and your bathroom will look surprisingly—and affordably—refreshed. Here’s how.

1. Replace Old Grout

replace bathroom tile grout First, look to the creases and crevices. Ellen Tesauro of All Decks and Improvement says that replacing the old grout in tile can “bring new life to an old bathroom.” Doing so will not only help your bathroom look refreshed, but guard against mold and mildew. This is a project that bathroom remodelers can take care of in a day or two. Get a free contractor referral here.

2. Reglaze the Tub

reglaze bathroom tub Also known as bathtub resurfacing, this process takes an old bathtub and restores it (which means that you can also find an antique claw-foot tub at a flea market and get it into usable shape). Master Kitchens and Baths offers a package that can save a customer up to 90 percent on remodeling costs.

3. Replace Yucky Flooring

new bathroom flooring Replacing old linoleum for a less porous material can revolutionize the look and function of your bathroom. Which materials to replace with? Concrete, for one, sustains through high traffic and humid conditions, and guards against mold and mildew while keeping the bathroom looking clean. You can even install heated flooring to keep your family warm through the winter. Get flooring quotes to compare rates in your area.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used room in a house and has an incredibly high return on investments—even on small but noticeable changes. Keep in mind that leakage or mold problems are best addressed from the inside out, and often require an overhaul for the problem to improve. In such cases, ask a professional to assess the project.

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