Revamp Your Bachelor Bathroom

From on March 19, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel


The bachelor pad is working but what about that bathroom? The reputation of this room generally falls into the category of “quagmire” or “swamp.” No smell of fresh lilac or dainty girly stuff in this room. In my college days this area was overused and under-sanitized. But it doesn’t have to be the traditional trouble spot of a bachelor pad. If you’re fixing up, modernizing, or even converting a rental for college life, here’s how you can revamp the bachelor bathroom.

  1. Asses the functionality of your current bathroom. Should the tub and shower be converted into a walk-in shower? Do you need to upgrade the vanity or toilet? Does the room need to be redesigned to utilize the space better? Those are expensive steps to take, so determine what changes are needed before you begin.
  2. kenduskylight.jpg
  3. Some bathrooms can be a dark and scary place. One way to brighten things up is to build in a skylight. This is a relatively cheap improvement if you do-it-yourself. Plus, it changes everything about the room.
  4. A ventilation fan will remove that stuffy feeling from the bathroom. Make sure the exhaust goes directly to the outside. Some do-it-yourselfers unknowingly send air shooting into the attic. That would be one of the worst things you can do. The vapors in the exhaust will promote attic mold.
  5. dualsink.jpg
  6. Think about converting the one vanity sink into a dual set. Guys going to work or school need efficiency and speed in the morning. Take care of business and then move on. A dual sink would help in that department. Especially if you have lots roommates.
  7. Choose the right colors and fixtures if you’re transforming an old bathroom. The room should be dominated by masculine colors, like browns, tans, and black. Chrome or nickel fixtures on the sink and tail rack add to the manly appearance.
  8. An adjustable shower head for different heights is also a nice touch. Construction workers, heavy laborers, and weekend warriors revitalize in the shower. A premium adjustable shower can make or break the bachelor bathroom.

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