Remodeling Your Bathroom with Long-Term Savings in Mind

From on June 28, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


There’s a reason you’ve heard us preach bathroom remodeling with gusto. With about 80% return on investment, new bathrooms remain at the top of the list for value-adding home improvements. And, while some remodels are lengthy and difficult, a bathroom is a comparatively easy renovation that will forever benefit your home. In other words: a big bang for your buck.

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A quality bathroom renovation pays off substantially for two main reasons. First, the renovation increases the value of your home as well as its competitiveness against other homes on the market when you go to sell. When potential buyers are looking for quality and sustainability, they are going to look at major appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Secondly, before it’s time to sell your home, you can enjoy how a new bathroom revolutionizes your everyday living. While many homeowners are staying put and building upon their existing dwellings rather than selling and moving, a redone bathroom can be an important step in such longevity. And if you’re a renter, some simpler steps in the renovation process can get you the bathroom you want without having to own.

I suggest five steps to completely remodel your bathroom. While some are more involved and comprehensive, others can be accomplished as a simple weekend project.

1. Replace major elements

Especially working with older appliances, updating the old for the new is essential. Newer and more efficient toilets can look great while saving money on your water bill. Consider also replacing the bath and sink. This can be a larger project, and doing it right can save you money and the need for future renovations. Talk to a contractor on how best to go about this process.

2. Incorporate green fixtures

Replace your faucets with green water-conserving devices. Not only can you get a better return on investment when selling to buyers who are looking for eco-conscious choices—you can save money and water in the meantime. Talk to a contractor on how to incorporate more earth-friendliness into your bathroom.

3. Invigorate with paint

If you want a fresh feel in your bathroom, a great paint job can be a brilliant step. Consider swinging the opposite direction from what you have been looking at. If you’ve had bright wall colors, consider going a spa-like white or mint. Try light gray. If you’ve had a monochromatic theme, consider deep purple, an invigorating green, or even black. Don’t forget to have fun changing out your towels and accessories.


4. Upgrade your tub

One of the most impressive one-choice changes we have seen in a bathroom remodel is simply replacing the bathtub. Take out old tile and put in a clawfoot tub. Replace the outdated porcelain with modern, sleek tile. Don’t forget to look into replacing your sink porcelain in the process.

5. Hardware and Accessories

Replacing bathroom hardware is also a simple process that personalizes a bland bathroom. Replace drawer pulls, handles and doorknobs. Towel racks and hooks. Get new art. Splurge a bit on a unique mirror.

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How are you going to remodel your bathroom?

What’s most important to your home? To your family? Let me know in the comments!

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