Bathroom Sinks Made from Recycled Rubber Tires

From on August 27, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

I LOVE this idea for bathroom sinks! Minarc, a Santa Monica design studio, has found a way to recycle old tires and turn them into sleek, lightweight bathroom sinks. rubber tire bathroom sinkRUBBiSH, as it’s aptly called, consists of recycled rubber tires melted down, cleansed of all dirt, and formed into an ultra-thin sheet that’s stretched over the desired frame. It’s so incredibly thin you can barely tell there’s a top to the vanity unless you’re standing right over it. Amazingly, the rubber vanity top is not bowl-shaped at all. By installing dual drain collars in the top, the rubber forms more of a shallow river bed for the water to flow in, giving the sink a smooth, unique shape. rubber tire pile Plus, it’s lightweight—the perfect solution for less hardy vanities that can’t withstand the bulk of granite, marble or tile. The entire top weighs less than 1 pound and is only about an eighth of an inch thick. If slim and trim isn’t quite what you had in mind, the geniuses at Minarc can also form the rubber sheet over an aluminum frame, giving it a bit more shape and depth. rubber tire bathroom sink The sinks are not available to the general public as of yet, though they’ve made it past the conceptual stage. The company is working on designing two versions of RUBBiSH, a single bowl option 3 feet wide and a double-bowl of 5 feet. Both can be widely distributed for standard-sized bathroom cabinetry.