Phenomenal Blue Bathroom Remodel

From on June 25, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Award-winning designer creates drop-dead-gorgeous bathroom… for he and his wife!

There comes a time in every design fanatic’s life when they discover a bathroom remodel so amazing, so innovative that they have no words to do it justice. This is such a time. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is the dream team behind this genius—and I do mean genius—high-tech and stimulating luxury spa bathroom.

And we aren’t the only ones who think it’s out-of-control fantastic. The bathroom you’re about to see is the recipient of a 2010 National NKBA Design Award. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and best of all, it’s blue! We sat down with Ken Kelly himself to get the scoop. Take a look.

phenomenal bathroom mirror

What was the inspiration for this incredible bathroom? Who was the client?

I was inspired during a trip to Paris when I stayed in the Four Seasons George V Hotel and experienced their fabulous spa. I wanted to bring that luxury and serenity of those amenities to this project. You are the first to know that the client was Grace Kelly (my wife!)... This bath is ours.

I’ve never seen LED lights used quite like this in a bathroom before –did you dream that up as well, Ken?

Yes, I added it as a nightlight on a separate dimmer that when turned on, offers a soft pathway to the toilet area and provides an ambiance when coupled with the chromotherapy lighting and the flickering candle wall.

From the remote-controlled wall candles to the hydro-massage Body Spa with 145 different ways to shower, this is a bathroom jam-packed with impressive luxury features. Was this the first bathroom project you’ve done with so many combined features in one?

Yes, it was. What’s great about designing for yourself is that you can take all the beautiful things you love about what you’ve designed for others and cherry-pick your favorites. This renovation has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable rooms in our home. It is a mini-vacation every day and allows us to rejuvenate the body and the mind…. seriously. I can tell you that firsthand!

Is a remodel like this limited to high-end clients, or can some of these principles be applied to mid-level bathroom remodels as well?

This design is absolutely NOT limited to high-end only. This bathroom is jam-packed with creative space-planning ideas that could be used at any price level. In addition, some of the more high-tech features can be incorporated for very reasonable cost.

phenomenal bathroom tub

How does the television behind a two-way mirror work? Does the mirror protect the TV screen from moisture? Is the quality of the picture still high?

We wanted all the high-tech features, such as a large television, speakers for music, and chromotherapy lighting, but didn’t want to compromise a soft, romantic feel. The reasoning for the television behind the two-way mirror is so that when the TV is off, you don’t even know it is in the room. The last thing we want to see is an oversized TV in such an elegant space. With this design, when the TV is off, all you see is a mirror and no trace of a TV. The quality of the picture is amazing since it is a high-definition television. The mirror does protect the TV from moisture, but, more importantly, it protects the user from electrical shock, a code requirement. They shouldn’t be able to touch the TV when in the tub.

What’s the sound system like in there?

The sound system is like a movie theater. We wanted speakers in the shower area as well, so we can listen to music, a TV show, or a podcast and have it loud enough to hear if all the jets and steam units were cranking. These are special speakers designed to be able to take the moisture.

phenomenal bathroom

We’ve heard of chromotherapy in whirlpool tubs—is it proven to help people unwind? Is that also the concept behind the deep blue bathroom cabinets?

It is claimed that color and light can balance energy (physical, emotional, spiritual or mental). For me, I can absolutely tell you that the chromotherapy lighting in our whirlpool tub and shower helps my wife and I unwind. Grace says that during the day, she finds herself daydreaming about going home and getting our bath. We have a cabinet filled with aromatherapy bath oils, a selection of herbal bubble baths, message salts, etc. Each mixture brings a new experience. The TV brings the experience to an entire new level, whether watching a baseball game, YouTube videos, or a movie—it is so enjoyable. We can easily stay in there long beyond granny fingers.

The blue cabinetry had nothing to do with color therapy. I just love these French blue cabinets because they go so beautifully with this home. In reality, the pictures don’t even do the finish justice. It has an Old World feel. The home is very French in detail. I decided to combine three door styles to replicate the look of French cabinetry prevalent in the south of France during the 18th century. The “X” pattern on the cabinetry is similar in design to the home’s wrought iron balconies on the second floor terraces, as well as the fireplace mantles and woodworking.

phenomenal bathroom cabinets