Ideas for a Calming, Peaceful Bathroom

From on January 18, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is such a functional space in the house, it’s easy to go through our routines and not get a minute’s peace in the process. Unfortunately, we disregard the power our bathroom has to calm and center us on a daily basis. While we need to plug in, shower and scrub—we can do so in a bathroom that lowers our blood pressure just by entering it. Check out these bathrooms that offer great functionality with unparalleled beauty and calm. peaceful white bathroom Despite its simple color palette, this white bathroom remains fascinating with the textures used throughout, as well as the warm wood flooring and slightly-hued walls. peaceful grey bathroom This bathroom area inverts a traditional color scheme by placing gray on the walls and white on the floors, providing a high contrast with the freestanding sink and framed mirror. So simple, so chic. peaceful bathroom remodel While this bathroom might be lovely in all white, the touches of blue along with the flooring show a deliberate application of good taste. peaceful bathroom geometrics The simple materials and bold geometrics keep this bathroom light and calming—and masculine. peaceful asian french bathroom This space offers a modern Asian twist on a traditional French white bathroom. The porcelain shapes and choices in detail like these French doors bring unique aesthetics, and are all balanced by creamy walls and traditional gauzy curtains. Photo Credit: Emily Wheeler, Homes-Designing, Apartment Therapy, & DecorPads