Oakland Sets the Bar for Bathroom Remodeling Trends

From on July 06, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


The sunny side of the Bay knows what’s up. We’ve scoped out bathroom remodeling trends in Oakland, California, and found that Oakland baths are something to be admired.

Not only that, but contractor rates for partial or full bathroom remodels in Oakland are surprisingly competitive.

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As for the awesome bathroom trends in Oakland, they’re centered on types of tiles, fixtures and themes that have taken the city by storm.

Oakland’s Trendy Bathroom Tiles

New bathroom tile is near the top of the list. Glass accent, natural stone, and metal (or metallic) tiles are in. On the other hand, the likes of porcelain and linoleum, while still commonly used, are declining in popularity. Here’s a breakdown of what these materials can add to your bathroom remodel.

  • Glass tile adds a certain depth, a luminescence to surfaces that other materials simply can’t match.
  • Metal accent tile (for bathrooms, you should use either a neutral bronze or copper tone) gives the bathroom a sense of timeless, traditional appeal.
  • Natural stone “picture frames” work miracles around otherwise ordinary window casings.


Eccentric Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink is one of the focal points of the room. And if you’ve ever flipped through a home décor magazine, you’ve likely seen some fabulously eccentric, innovative, or simply awe-inspiring examples of sink and faucet design. “In” sinks for 2011-2012 include:

  • Hand-polished stone: Looks and feels exquisite when matched correctly to the room’s theme
  • Stainless steel (which, over time, transforms into what mimics genuine pewter)
  • Hand-blown glass: Though a bit more expensive, a hand-blown glass sink, available in practically any shade and pattern fathomable, oohs-and-awes guests and potential homebuyers like no other material. It also proves remarkably durable.

And what’s a masterpiece of a sink basin without an equally inspiring faucet? Totally incomplete. Faucets come in an even greater array of styles and materials—bronze, copper, and stainless steel are still in—than sinks do. It’s wise to pay a little more for higher-quality, more durable plumbing than not. Additionally, modern faucets tout many features beyond just cold and hot levers, like water filtration and conservation spouts. natural-bathroom-remodel-oakland

Another focal point: the bathtub. Typically replaced in larger-scale remodels, the bathtub is arguably the most important centerpiece in the room. Common Oakland themes include pedestal tubs (art deco-ish and vintage, elongated, deep bowl look), clawfoot tubs (very similar to pedestal, but with “feet” similar to claws), and corner tubs (which work especially well with disproportionately-shaped bathrooms and are available in standard, hydro-massage or Jacuzzi whirlpool configurations).

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