How to Remodel Your Bathroom without Shelling Out 10K

From on January 18, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


If you’ve been thinking about bathroom remodeling—fantasizing about that new shower, envisioning modernized floor tiling—but you don’t want to shell out tons of money, then this message is for you.

While a bathroom is a home renovation project that brings you one of the highest returns on investments, you still don’t want to spend tons of money on the project. Even the most basic bathroom updates can revolutionize not only your home’s current functionality and beauty, but benefit you when it’s time to sell.

You just have to know how to get a lower-cost, big-bang-for-your-buck bathroom renovation. And we’re here to help you know how.

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Take these tips into consideration as you consider your new bathroom, and come away with an entirely new room and money to spare.

The Backbone of Any Good Renovation

A contractor who recently read through our site said so pithily, “Planning is the essential backbone of any good renovation project.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. While you may be excited to finally get going, bathroom planning is paramount. Take time to review your needs. While some improvements may seem exciting at first, planning can help you weed through unnecessary changes to get to the heart of what you need.

Make copious amounts of notes and start hunting for a highly skilled bathroom contractor. You’ll come to the table prepared with what you want and what you’re willing to pay for the materials and service. Look through CalFinder’s extensive database of qualified and quality contractors in your own area.

Only Spend What’s Necessary

bathroom-sink-bowlsPare down your project and look to what you essentially need. Save the extras for a rainy weekend with spare money in your pocket. Look now to what will give you the best return on your investment and time. This usually means starting with outdated appliances and plumbing.

Make any repairs necessary and start by replacing your toilet, bathtub, and sinks. Remember that you can go with faucets and appliances with an ENERGY STAR rating, which will save you money annually as well as offer government rebates. Talk to your contractor on how you can qualify.

DIY When You Can

Many bathroom ideas are too technical for the average hands, but there are several things you can do yourself to remodel your bathroom. Sure, you might want to leave the toilet installment to a contractor, but you can do more on this project than you might originally think.

You can get the paint yourself and spend a weekend doing the prep and paint work. You can also acquire the floor tiles, and if you feel confident and informed enough, you can even lay the flooring yourself once the professionals have removed the old stuff. And remember that you can do all of the finishing details yourself, such as installing the hardware, drawer pulls, and mirrors.