How to Remodel Your Bathroom in Style (Even On a Shoestring Budget)

From on February 22, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


If you’re anything like the millions of home and apartment owners out there, then you’d like to do a bathroom remodeling project with quality and style—without spending much money. Perhaps you simply want to update your countertops and bathtub. Perhaps you want to strip and completely start over in your existing bathroom.

We can help you either way. While you’ll need a bathroom contractor to take you through such a technical project, there are things you can do and know on your own to help save money and create the exact bathroom you want.

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Here are four ways to remodel in style on the cheap.

1. Planning in style

No matter how much or little you are looking to renovate—and spend—your project will statistically cost less, get done faster, and end up being more successful if you come armed with a bathroom plan. Create a look book from bathroom remodeling pictures. Include what you want the project to encompass, your favorite materials, and a proposed overall budget—leaving room, of course, for minor changes and adjustments.

2. Think paint

Wallpaper may seem glamorous, but you can get just as modern and beautiful of a bathroom with the right choice of paint. Whether you’re going spa-like with whites, bold with primaries, or guilded with golds, paints will look great and expensive. Plus they hold up better in such a moist room. Add moulding, if you like.

3. Upgrade to green

Going green with any appliances you replace is not only better for the environment, but for your pocketbook, too. There are so many beautiful choices out there, from bamboo flooring to ENERGY-STAR rated commodes, that will not only offer you savings in the long run annually—up to a few hundred dollars—but also a rebate up front. Talk to a contractor or professional to learn how.

4. Hunt for treasure

While some things might need to come standard, such as that new toilet or renovated plumbing, consider where you can save money and add individuality to your bathroom at the same time. This is where the project can get personally fun for you.

Look for comparatively cheap mirrors, cabinets, vanities, drawer pulls, rugs, baskets, and a plethora of other bathroom-worthy materials at unusual venues such as estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and factories that offer refurbished materials.

These are simple adjustments to your project that can help create exactly what you want—with a budget that is on your terms. You’ll be good to the earth, you’ll save yourself money, and you’ll create a bathroom like none other. Impress your guests while spending less.