How to Narrow Down Your Perfect Bathroom Vanity

From on February 29, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


Whether you’re remodeling your whole bathroom or simply updating the look, choosing a new bathroom vanity is a big deal. A vanity is often the largest piece of furniture in the bathroom, working as the focal point, the object that will catch your eye instantly every time you enter the room. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, it serves a dual function as a storage area. Since the vanity is such a key item in the bathroom, it’s important to get it right.

As with any new purchase, you should approach your search for the ideal bathroom vanity with some knowledge of what they’re about, what’s available and what you specifically need. You may be surprised at the hundreds of different vanity ideas out there.

Bathroom vanities come in every size, style, material and price you can imagine. The easiest part of narrowing your selection, and minimizing the confusion, is by knowing beforehand how much you are willing to spend and what size vanity your bathroom can hold. These two deciding factors will significantly narrow your options and help you find the perfect vanity.


Once you know your budget and size, you can move on to the fun part. The first step is to decide what style you’re looking for. If you are working with an existing bathroom, you will want your vanity to blend with your previous décor.

If you’re starting a bathroom from scratch, or doing some bathroom remodeling, then you can use the vanity as the foundation for setting the tone you desire. You’ll find gorgeous options for contemporary, traditional and modern vanities. There are painted vanities, antiques and hand carved.


Next, know whether you want an open storage vanity, closed or combination of both. This decision should be made based on the other storage options you have in your bathroom. If you live in a small city apartment, or have a small bathroom, your vanity may provide the only closed storage in the room, which makes it very valuable space. An open concept design is beautiful but may not be practical for your needs.

After you have decided on the style, you can begin shopping. You will quickly become familiar with the many different brands, finishes and hardware choices. Many vanities come with a variety of options, so you can customize to fit your needs. Take advantage of the many online resources, bathroom remodeling pictures, and the like to get ideas. Many websites allow you to simplify your search by narrowing it down according to your criterion (size, style, finish, price, etc.).


Most important is to take pleasure in your vanity shopping experience. Decorating is enjoyable, and when you approach it with all the knowledge you now have it will be fun!

Aliza Soko is a Kitchen and Bath design expert at Quality Bath, the premier online source for luxury kitchen and bath products. Aliza uses her extensive design background to help clients create the homes of their dreams.