How to Design A Bathroom That Your Family Will Love

From on January 10, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


A very wise mom once threw up her hands and said, “I do not share a bathroom with my children. Ew.”

And it takes a parent with daily toothpaste-smeared countertops and less-than-spa-quality bathtub conditions to truly get it.

Sharing a bathroom as a family can be, well, gross. But we can’t all dismiss the idea with the wave of a hand and raised eyebrows.

Some of us have to share. A one-for-all bathroom. A bathroom en famille.

So how to design a great bathroom that your family will love, that will look fabulous while meeting the needs of everyone on all levels?

Here are some hints to get you thinking.

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And if you’re even considering bathroom remodeling, let us just say: it is SO worth getting this little room right.

Seriously Consider Your Surfaces

With all of the swiping and cleaning that will go on, you want to get quality surfaces. Dark granite countertops will look sleeker and cleaner—and such a surface will be easier to quick-clean daily, if necessary. And while white walls may give off a zen-like peace, going with at least a little color will keeps things looking nicer longer. Save that small, vintage mirror for your own boudoir, and consider going with a more simplified and modern large mirror that can accommodate many faces at once.


Get the Ventilation Going

Great ventilation is vital to a healthy bathroom, especially one with so much usage. Who wants to try to do their hair in a bathroom with remnants of steam? Keep the room fresh with easy-to-open windows, such as casement windows, which can easily swivel open to let in that cool breeze. Check your ventilation system going into the bathroom, as well.

Create Sublime Storage

The Danish and Swedish design minds have it right. Create a space that successfully merges wonderful aesthetics with specialized functionality. Your bathroom can look completely grown and sophisticated while still catering to the younger crowd in your home. It just takes some amazing—and often specialized—storage. Remember to keep the facades and hardware simple and streamlined.


Get Truly Kid-Friendly

Completely embrace your shared space situation by adding some tongue-in-cheek (and, by the way, useful) elements into your bathroom. We’ve seen some fun kid-friendly bathroom ideas, such as a second small toilet (in their own small stall, where room permits). Consider a step ladder that pulls out from the wall. A shorter bathroom sink and mirror. And, at the very least, their own space for their own bathroom essentials.