How to Cure Your Small Bathroom Blues

From on February 05, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


If you’re frustrated by a small bathroom, you’re in good company. The average size of American bathrooms is less than 50 square feet, leaving many homeowners facing the challenge of making a small bathroom work as if it were much bigger.

Getting the most out of a small bathroom remodel takes careful planning, highly functional fixtures and space-saving design strategies, as well as skilled bathroom remodeling contractors to put it all together.

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Here’s a remedy for the small bathroom blues.

Why Planning Matters

Tiny bathrooms require enormous efficiency. You’ll need to know just how much space you have to work with. Building codes limit how closely you can set fixtures near each other. A good contractor can inform you of specifications, or you can check your local building department for spacing requirements. Choose a brilliant small bathroom layout, and then investigate options to annex space from adjacent closets, hallways or rooms. Once you know the space limitations, you can draft out a floor plan.

Choosing Fixtures

In most cases, a bathroom remodel that makes the room work efficiently usually makes more sense than trying to squeeze extra amenities into the space. The right bathroom vanity or sink, for example, may provide all the storage you need for the room. If your household rarely takes baths, removing the tub may give you enough space for a new luxury shower. Corner bathtubs are also effective at stretching the space.


Small Bath Design Strategies

The most effective way to create a space that looks expansive is to go with special small bathroom designs. When the eye is distracted by too many design elements, the effect is cluttered and chaotic. For a spacious feeling, the viewer should take in the room all at once, rather than skip from feature to feature. A minimal color palette creates a unified look, as do accessories and hardware with matching finishes. Don’t overlook lighting options. An evenly lit bathroom, with light sources at different levels, will add cohesion to the room.

Avoid Passing Fads

When it comes to style, it’s a good idea to avoid trends that may turn out to be passing fads. Los Angeles small bathrooms have been remarkably good at this. Designers and contractors there have been leading the way in pared-down style, classic design and modern finishes.

If your bath remains stylish and functional over the long term, you can expect to recover nearly 75 percent of your expenses when it comes time to sell your home. To ensure that your bathroom remodel raises the value of your home, as well as the quality of your life at home, make design choices that complement your home’s overall look and feel.