How to Accomplish a Painless Bathroom Remodel

From on October 03, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


Though a bathroom is but a small percentage of your home, it needs a surprising amount of detail during renovation. And, despite its relative size, bathroom remodels (even the smallish ones) bring one of the highest returns on investment for home improvements. You can not only create a better bathroom now, but add value to your home without much stress.

In fact, bathrooms can be redone beautifully and frugally—and without the anticipated headache. While it may be tempting to jump in and get it done, we have three suggestions that will take you from planning to the finished product, with ease. The thing you can contribute to the headacheless process? A little bit of work—and patience for planning.

Get the right professional

Because a bathroom requires so much technical knowledge, you will want a professional. And a quality one. Take time to research which professional is right for you:

  1. Click here to see a great database of contractors in your area.
  2. Shop around. Ask friends who have renovated bathrooms what they would do differently and similarly as they solicited professional help. Interview each contractor and get quotes.
  3. Help them understand your budget and time constraints, and be very specific in your contract.


Plan beforehand

You learned in school how important the brainstorming step is in creating a good story. The same is true in a bathroom renovation project. Take time to consider why you want a new bathroom, and what your specific needs are. Do you want a purely cosmetic update? Has a relative moved in that needs their own space? Do you want more energy-efficient fixtures? Maybe all three?

Start by writing out your goals and needs. Include in your plans any bathroom pictures or notations about your style and appliance choices. Take time to roughly add up costs and consider what fits within your predetermined budget. Though you should of course be open to new ideas as you go along, try at this stage to be as specific as possible.

Finish the job

While you need an all-star bathroom contractor for the bulk of the work, you can probably pick up where they left off. Is it more affordable and, frankly, more convenient, to take a weekend and repaint yourself? Can you complete the finishing touches on your own, such as hanging new racks, mirrors, and installing drawer pulls and other hardware into your space?

If so, you will keep costs low and save energy before enjoying your quality (and painless) new bathroom. Sound good? We thought so, too.

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