Bathrooms that Hardly Look Like Bathrooms

From on October 01, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Amazing aesthetics with Valerie Pasquiou Interiors

pasquiou bathroom remodel

There are standard bathroom remodels, and then there are beyond-bathroom remodels—bathrooms that are decidedly different, and brazenly beautiful.

Which am I referring to? The creative spaces of Valerie Pasquiou Interiors, who by some rare display of remodeling genius, has taken this teeny tiny room to unexpected and stunning heights.

pasquiou bathroom tub

Take this bathroom space created for Bob Bookman’s Los Angeles residence. This 10,000-square-foot room offers endless beautiful detailing while remaining open and uncomplicated.

pasquiou bathroom curtains

Bookman’s bathroom isn’t simply a lone entity within this dwelling, but integrates beautifully with the entire residence. For privacy within this bedroom, curtains enclose the claw-footed tub, allowing for the continual open feel and shower of natural light.

pasquiou contemporary bathroom

With a focus on mixing contemporary designs with warm elegance, Valerie Pasquiou suggests that although large conversation pieces in a room might stand out, it’s the overall aesthetic that one will remember.

pasquiou bathroom vanities

Pasquiou’s memorable pieces landed her a spot on the top 100 list for House & Garden’s Best Designers in the U.S. Her style is equally intricate and understated. “My work has a strong European feel,” Pasquiou says. “That is because I grew up in Europe where we often come into our family antiques. So for me it is natural to welcome old pieces into the 21st century.”

pasquiou bathroom ideas

With such A-list clients as Lisa Kudrow and a commercial gig at Cartier, there’s no denying the unparalleled quality of this design firm’s work. But you don’t need their resume to see for yourself the incredible effect of each carefully-selected detail working together towards an unforgettable aesthetic.