From Tiny Bedroom to Master Bathroom—On a $1,500 Budget

From on February 02, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

bedroom to bathroom remodel

When Kim of NewlyWoodwards bought her fixer-upper home in 2007, she saw the opportunity for many, many renovation projects. During her quest to take the house from its grungy state and personalize it into something that she adores, Kim focused on a second bathroom.

Her problem was that the home’s only bathroom sat on the first floor. With the master bed on the second floor, Kim insisted that a second bathroom be installed upstairs. Understandably—who would want to trek from their private quarters past the kitchen and living room to take a bath?

bedroom bathroom before remodelOriginal bedroom with yucky old carpeting

Lucky for her, one of the second-story bedrooms was perfect for such a transformation. The room was so small that even a twin bed couldn’t fit in there. Relatively large for a home built in 1917, the room could only serve today as a nursery, office space or storage room. So Kim’s husband, dad, and father-in-law undertook the renovation project—and for under $1,500 start to finish.

bedroom bathroom showerKim’s gorgeous bathroom after the remodel

bedroom bathroom flooring

Basing the entire room on a shower curtain from Ballard Designs, the walls were painted green, the floors covered with a sleek wood finish, and the details applied meticulously.

For such an effect on such a budget, Kim suggests two things:

  • Consider buying off-the-rack instead of top-of-the-line. And buy onlywhat you truly need.
  • Be flexible. Allow for creativity in your remodel, and your wallet will thank you for it.

While everything didn’t go as she planned, Kim is totally happy with the results. In fact, it’s three years later, and she is just as thrilled as when the project was first finished. bedroom to bathroom towels

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