Fall-Inspired Small Bathroom Ideas

From on September 28, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


Yes, the roaming lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer have come to a close and you will be more homeward bound as the cold encroaches. You may have company coming in the next few months for holiday visiting, and you need a better-functioning bathroom to accommodate them all.

You’re in luck. Such a project is very doable—and fun. Here are some things to focus on, to bring your blah bathroom into a whole new chapter of its little life.

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On to the good stuff.


Paint warming colors

If your bathroom is a high-contrast combination like red and navy, or spa-like and white, consider going warmer. Bathrooms can seem like such a harsh and cold reality in the bluish early morning hours of fall and winter days, and a warming color can make getting a start on the day more inviting.

Consider a low-contrast spectrum of beiges and browns—or even grays. Restoration Hardware offers unparalleled choices of these color schemes. Think putty, use fall leaves as your inspiration. Or go with warmth and high drama, such as intensely dark chocolate browns to match a dark vanity or shelving.

Rethink your flooring

A simple replacement of flooring will not only look amazing, but can also help your bathroom’s ability to stay fresh and ward off things like mold and unwanted moisture. Consider something sustainable, such as bamboo, which gives a nice warm wood vibe while coming from forests that can actually replenish as fast as they diminish.

If a wood isn’t right for you, consider stone flooring in warming browns and cooling grays, adding a bit of sophistication without an overly-glossy chic. Talk to a contractor about your options and how to go about this high-impact change.


Change those fixtures

A finishing touch on your new fall-inspired bathroom remodel is an easy thing you can do on your own. If your bathroom is now on the warmer side, consider hardware that offers a surprise and a contrast—such as steel, or black for a grounding touchpoint throughout.

The good news is that your bathroom will feel new and of-the-season—and in time for the fall season—but won’t be passé when spring arrives. You’ve gone with neutrals and pseudo-neutrals that keep their élan no matter what time of year, and will offer a functional and stylish space for you as well as any guests that come your way.

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