Fabulous Utility Sinks in the Modern Home

From on February 15, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

industrial bathroom sink

Finding the fabulousness in all things recycled, Remodelista created an awesome round-up of utility sinks that seem to just scream chic. Surrounded by designer duds, these sinks are as far removed from their original utilitarian purpose as possible. Each piece plays on the sharp contrast that industrial pieces can bring to a space slated for comfort, and their chameleon-like qualities certainly make them worthy of a shout-out.

industrial bathroom sink

While traditional bathroom sinks can only accommodate modest hand washing, utility sinks, with their large bowls and serious faucets, have a much broader range of uses. Have a large family with not enough bathrooms to house everyone? Stretching out your sink may cut down substantially on individual wash time. Have a small pet that stinks to high heaven? Just stick that little rug rat in your stylish utility sink and it’ll come out looking like new.

industrial bathroom sinkMichaela Scheerer of Los Angeles deserves the kudos for this brilliant design idea. Why does it seem to work so well? Calling attention to one aspect of home design that doesn’t seem to get much thought, Scheerer is updating bathrooms with something neither new nor originally high-end. Who knew that a refurbished industrial sink could be the hip facelift that your bathroom has been dying for?