Design a Funky Bathroom Backsplash

From on August 25, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

If you want to go wild with a bathroom backsplash, be prepared to break all the rules.

For the old traditional style, designers will tell you to “choose any combination of tiles from the main tile section and border to create your backsplash.” It’s good advice, but it’s not applicable to the funky fresh children in all of us.

wild-bathroom-backsplash.jpgPhoto Credit: Freshome

First of all, there should be endless design possibilities. Second, you may suffer from decision paralysis because there are so many choices. The only rule of thumb (but not a rule) is to integrate your backsplash with other elements in your bathroom - this pulls it all together to create a sense of balance. There’s a difference between funky and crazy. Crazy means there are too many themes going on. It’s confusing to the eye and generates disorientation.

mosaic-bathroom-backsplash.jpgWhether you love contemporary or eclectic styles, there’s a world of intricate tiles to choose from:

  • Ceramics – handmade or machine-made
  • Glass – glossy or tumbled finish, solid or subtle color patterns
  • Metallics - electrify the senses
  • Natural stone for an organic homegrown feel
  • Hand-painted artistry
  • Mosaics

Glass tiles create a unique accent and add a touch of mystique. You have a multitude of color options: soft greens, browns, ocean blues, milky opals, glittery topaz, turquoise, burnt orange, and deep purples and golds. The list of colors is endless.

Photo Credit: Big Bang Mosaics

Because tiles come in many shapes and sizes, it’s fun to mix up the look with tile size, color and finish. Mix harlequin cracked glass-filled tiles with mosaic. Mix topaz and light blue with tumbled marble.

Check your blend

To get an idea of blended tile colors, click here to create your own mosaic. They give you six blends to combine in any pattern you like, including random modular design. See what a difference grout color makes by taking one design and changing the grout.

As you design your masterpiece, make sure to have lots of fun. For a list of to-die-for designer tile, see tile ideas below.

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