Crazy Cabinet Bling

From on September 20, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

As a Jewish American Princess, I’m often teased about the amount of bling I wear. The fact that I’m always accessorized with matching jewelry often leads to commentary on my shiny baubles. Imagine how my friends would react if I could bling up my entire home…

cabinet knob bling

Well, apparently, if I want to up my image, I can start by blinging my bathroom cabinets - or any other cabinets for that matter.

California Faucets

has a new batch of cabinet handles, called the Swarovski® Strass® Crystal Cabinetry Knobs. Part of the Cal Trim line, the knobs & pulls are meant to complement faucets that the company already makes, but I secretly think they had my Aunt Annabelle’s jewelry collection in mind when they did this.

cabinet knob jewels

The knobs are available in over 30 different finishes to match any bathroom plumbing fixture. They come with either sapphire blue or crystal clear inserts that remind me of tiny disco balls. (Hint: blinged-out Jewish girls may look like they can dance, but they do NOT disco well at all). The company has also prepared sapphire and crystal insert buttons. These can be ordered and placed on their faucets as well, keeping the theme unified throughout the room.

One of the coolest features, aside from the razzle dazzle of it all, is that the shimmer of the cabinet knobs and faucet inserts make great reflective patterns in the room, just like water does. And your bathroom is dedicated to water consumption – it’s more like being out on the ocean waves than skinny dipping with a rubber ducky. Another good thing about the crystal bathroom pieces is that they’re way less expensive than the outfit and matching gold bling I just bought. I need to seek help.