Cool Vanity Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

From on December 07, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


You’ve put tons of effort into your new bathroom remodel and just need that finishing touch. Or perhaps you have a small bathroom space that needs a simple but revolutionary punch-up from what’s already there. Take a look at some modern, unconventional space-saving bathroom vanities to inspire you.

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Remember that you can apply these principles to your own tastes and aesthetic, getting you what you want even in a small bathroom.

Vintage Furniture


Consider choosing a unique piece of vintage furniture in the bathroom. This could easily be scaled down to a very small version—a small bathroom vanity, for example, that doubles as a set of shelves. With a bathroom contractor to install the plumbing, you can get yourself a cost-effective custom space.

Floating Mirror and Sinks


When space is limited and you’re looking for a modern vanity update, consider the sleek aesthetic and space efficiency of this mirror and sink combo. While bathroom countertop space might be limited, you will have plenty of storage beneath, or simply the Zen of blank space. The mirror is light and simple without a frame, and seems to float effortlessly above these sleek, suspended sinks. Plus, the on-sink hanging racks eliminate the wall space typically needed for them.

Flea Market Finds


I love this option for its surprise value. The metal siding pairs so well with the warmth of the surrounding wood. And talk about functional. Look at the overall SIZE of this vanity area, from the large mirror to the moveable wood surfaces below. And this is a great find in a flea market.

Doesn’t your small bath deserve big imagination? Share with us your favorite ideas in the comments below.