Charming & Elegant Cloisonné Sinks

From on September 07, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

bathroom vintage bowl sinkI remember when I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me about the graceful beauty of Cloisonné. Of course, what she was referring to were the delicate patterns of glass and copper fused into beautiful floral patterns on bracelets, hair barrettes and other wearable jewelry and art.

It’s that type of nostalgia that always reminds me of home - not the home I’ve made for my family, but the home that beckons me back to the days of comfort in mommy’s bed, chasing fireflies in the backyard with empty mayonnaise jars and countless hours practicing (not of my own free will) at the Baby Grand.

bathroom bowl sink vintageIt would seem that sink manufacturers feel the same way. Linkasink offers Cloisonné vessel bowl sinks so that every home can have that bit of old-fashioned charm. The bowls are absolutely stunning. There are several different colors and patterns, including leaves, circles, birds and even a dragon motif. Each bowl can be made as a vessel bowl or an under-mount sink.

bathroom bowl sink white

In fact, all of the Linkasinks are quite impressive. They specialize in copper sinks, which are imported from India after sand-casting for a unique and rustic appearance. Since many bathrooms are somewhat small in nature, one very simple way to dress it up and make a dramatic change would be to install an elegant feature like one of these Cloisonné sinks. They don’t have an online store, but their website has a phone number so that you can find the nearest showroom that features their products.

I have a feeling if there was one of those in my bathroom, I’d be reminded to call my mother more often. Who knew a sink could bring a family closer?