8 Surprising Before and After Bathroom Remodels

From on August 25, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

It’s before & after time. And you know what that means—you get to drool over pictures of gorgeous remodels. What I love most about this collection is that some of these bathroom transitions didn’t cost the homeowners much at all. In fact, several were completed with a simple coat of paint, a few shelves and a weekend’s worth of time. Not bad for total bathroom bliss… Let us know which is your favorite!

#1—Chaotic clutter to Zen retreat

before bathroomBefore

This bathroom began without much of a design scheme at all, and ended up a Zen-modern gem with soothing ambience. Small accessories bring the elements together into one cohesive space.

after bathroomAfter

#2—Brilliant remodel on a budget

before bathroom 2Before

Who said bathroom remodels always cost an arm and a leg? Once mismatched and unimpressive, this bathroom is now streamlined and relaxing. The best part is that all it took was a new paint job (for the cabinets, too) and a couple floating shelves. Notice that the floor, countertop and fixtures are all the same.

after bathroom 2After

#3—Bathroom blues to bright & cheery

before bathroom 3Before

With too much blue to begin with, anything would have been an improvement for this bathroom. But what truly makes the remodel unique is the yellow clawfoot tub. Who wouldn’t want to soak in that beauty?

after bathroom 3After

#4—Strange style gets a modern makeover

before bathroom 4Before

I’m not sure what the original owners here were trying to accomplish, but it’s hard to find something uglier than pink granite, gold fixtures and funky tile. Post-remodel, however, the bathroom looks amazingly sophisticated with marble walls, darker stone floor and espresso-stained wall panels.

after bathroom 4After

#5—Simple retro redo

after bathroom 5This home was built in 1956, but all the homeowners had to do to revamp their bathroom was give it a fresh coat of paint and add fun retro accessories. It’s simple, but really brings the room to life.

#6—Blah and boring to glitzy glamour

before bathroom 6Before

The old bathroom was nothing more than a boring blank canvas, but after the remodel? Well that’s something else entirely. The gold-framed pictures, black-and-white window treatments, glitzy chandelier and beautiful flowers make this space burst with personality.

after bathroom 6After

#7—Contemporary remodel without the cost

after bathroom 7

When this contemporary remodel was posted on HGTV’s Rate My Space, people estimated that it cost $40,000. It actually rang in at just $8,000. Quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

#8—Good before, but even better after

before bathroom 8Before

So this master bath was already pretty snazzy before the remodel, but with a fresh coat of paint, brilliant light fixtures and pretty patterned chairs, it suddenly becomes a luxurious retreat.

after bathroom 8After

If these bathroom remodels don’t inspire you to take on a remodel of your own, then I’m not sure what will. My problem? Sifting through all the options!

Photo Credit: HGTV & ...HGTV!