Bathroom Remodeling Takes Off in San Francisco

From on September 14, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-remodel-san-franciscoBathroom remodeling is enjoying a recent boom in the San Francisco Bay Area, due to an assortment of incentives, seasonal low rates and customer demand.

While this is great news for homeowners, the clock is ticking.

Not only is inclement weather fast approaching, but you will want to get your bathroom renovation underway before the household gets swept up in the annual bout of holiday planning and activities.

For home remodeling contractors, spring and summer are peak periods. In the fall, contractors have to hustle a bit more to compete for business.

This fall in San Francisco, for example, a top firm is offering free estimates as an incentive.

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Another home remodeling contractor is offering a 20% discount for renovations that provide a better environment for pets. Other contracting firms lower their rates for the fall season.


And if you undertake a bathroom remodel now, rather than later, you can take advantage of green remodeling tax credits that may expire at the end of the year, such as energy-efficient product rebates and government incentives.

In San Francisco, a change in building codes is helping to spur the bathroom remodeling boom, too. Those seeking to add a bathroom to a basement or other utility space can now do so in areas where ceilings are only 7 feet high.

While the home remodeling industry is becoming increasingly competitive, it’s also growing at a surprisingly healthy rate, up 23% from last year, according to the BuildFax Remodeling Index, which is based on the number of construction permits that are filed with local building departments across the nation.

BuildFax Vice President of Research and Development Joe Emison links the growth to the stagnant housing market, saying that Americans “are planning on staying in their current residences and are making renovations and upgrades.”


So, what makes remodeling a bathroom so popular at this particular time of year? For some, the kids are back in school, relieving the worry that they’ll be underfoot during renovations.

Others have seen their older children off to college, and want to seize the opportunity to create their dream bathroom.

Some may be eyeing signs of potential problems, such as peeling paint, mold or mildew and chipped tiles, and want to address these concerns before winter. Many simply want their home to look its best for the upcoming holidays.

While you can advantage of this slower period, when contractors are more likely to return phone calls quickly and place competitive bids for a project, there is little time to lose.

The best contractors usually require a bit of notice to schedule a bathroom remodel. The remodel itself typically takes one to two weeks. Today may be the best time this year to call a reputable contractor for an estimate.

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