Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Inspired by Winter

From on November 17, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


We, like you, have winter on the brain. And, as usual, we have bathroom remodeling on the brain. Take a look at these seasonally-inspired bathroom remodels and how they offer that special something during this special time of year.

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If you’re considering a winter bathroom remodel, (which are cheaper in the off-season), take note of this bathroom. It blends chic, icy bathroom tile to offer a refined simplicity. It can be a relatively simple process to add tiling, which bounces light around, or a small floating sink and vanity. The result is extra square footage and the overall feeling of a larger space in a small bathroom.


If you live in a wintery climate and want to dress your bathroom accordingly, consider the natural, modern bathroom combo of brown and white—and blue. Serene and thoughtful, blue will add a touch of calm to a potentially stark space. We like how blue enters subtly into this bathroom, and how the browns and neutral tones are integrated throughout the room.


Consider adding cedar or bamboo to create a wood bathroom. This simple all-over coverage offers a unique cabin vibe that requires little other detailing to look finished and complete. Small bathroom? I hardly noticed.


And this bathroom is pure winter through and through. The colors, the materials, the tone. Everything. It’s lovely and inspirational.

Which one would you choose for your bathroom?

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