Awe-Inspiring Modern Bathroom Remodel

From on October 17, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


Looking to add a bathroom onto your home, or remodel an existing one that is outdated and inefficient? Consider this master bath by Modern House Architects as a wonderful inspiration.

Most complaints we hear about bathrooms are that they don’t make effective use of their space, and therefore seem smaller than they should. But you can restructure the space you have, remodeling the bathroom to seem much larger than you thought possible.

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Take the fabulous shower in this bathroom, for instance. This is one of the central points that contributes to this bathroom remodel‘s success in beauty and functionality. In place of an obstructing barrier for the shower, the walls came down to create an open shower.

Two showerheads from direct water straight down to the teak shower floor, which easily absorbs the water and keeps out extraneous moisture. Neutral tiles with a slight sheen keep continuity and tie in the cabinetry with the flooring, creating a streamlined look that offers more visual peace than distraction.

The steel tops and detailing add an industrial chic to the space, making it a beautiful option for an often-shared master bathroom. It offers strength with sleek understatement. While it might be tempting to think all white when trying to create calm and space in a bathroom, the natural wood color is a beautiful choice—as is the tiling covering the walls.


Lucian Glass Tile by Ann Sachs Tile and Stone adds a beautiful pseudo-neutral tone, a calming blue-gray to balance the warmer wood around. The positioning of the tile also contributes to this bathroom’s uniqueness: the tiles run vertical rather than horizontal, elongating and accentuating the window spacing and the walls leading up to the tall ceiling and the shower heads.

In such a condensed space, little choices go a long way. The bathtub, the Starck Bathtub #700010 by Duravit, is certainly a bath to soak in. Spend time in. This choice certainly reinforces the purpose of this bathroom, which is to be used on a daily basis for all necessary needs but to also provide a respite from normal daily life.

While this bathroom is clearly above the grade of normal bathrooms, it is not completely unattainable. In fact, you can take this exact bathroom photo and details to a local contractor and talk about what is possible in your own space. Click here to check out local contractors.

And don’t forget to come to the contractor interview with a specific bathroom cost in mind. Many times an above-average contractor can help you get desired results while saving on materials and other choices along the way.

Photos via Houzz