Adding a Bathroom? Think Small to Get Big Results

From on September 21, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


If you need to add a small bathroom to your home, then consider this: you can get a wonderful addition without overly priced fees. In fact, this project is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

We’ve mentioned how a bathroom remodel or addition tops the list of remodeling ROI. A new bathroom can even add value to your home (as much as 80 to 90%) come time to sell. Not to mention that the addition of another bathroom will revolutionize how your home functions.

The key is getting the most out of a small space. That’s why we have great contractors. A professional can help you determine what you need, and help you realize the plans and desires that started your quest for a new bathroom in the first place.

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The key to a relatively stress-free bathroom addition lies in the planning and choices you make before the building process begins.

Come with a plan in hand

Take time to brainstorm what you want, why you need a new bathroom in the first place, and how you see it flowing into your overall home. Be specific with your bathroom plan. What do you absolutely need your small bathroom to include?

Make notes on eco-and-wallet-friendly appliances, design, storage needs, lighting, natural light, and overall aesthetics. Be as specific as possible and do as much homework as you can before seeking professional help. Our small bathroom ideas gallery has a lot to inspire you.


Look into green energy savings

Most of a home’s water flow comes from bathroom usage, which means that this room is a great opportunity for saving water and money. Look into the appliances that slow water flow, heat water faster, and save gallons per flush.

The initial choice of materials can do much more for your pocketbook and water conservation than simply running the water less or at a lower pressure. Think larger on how you can save.

Cut costs by getting involved

Okay, you likely will need an all-star contractor to install a new commode and shower, but don’t leave everything to the professionals. You can remodel on a budget by doing much on your own.

Pick out and attach the hardware yourself. Paint the bathroom yourself. Ambitiously, you can even install flooring and other things on your own, allowing you to have that wonderful balance of a professional, affordable, low-stress bathroom addition.

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