Achieving the Aged Distressed Look for Your Cottage-Style Bathroom

From on October 23, 2007 in Bathroom Remodel

distressed bathroom vanityThe aged distressed look can manifest in everything from shirts to computer prints. Perhaps it’s most common in furniture, and most ideally situated in a room decorated in cottage-style fashion. Cottage style accommodates the aged distressed look because the whole point is to convey a lived in, comfortable feel. It is one of the few style genres where imperfections are not only sought after but simulated. The cottage lifestyle suggests warmth: a home rather than a house, where family and friends come often and leave their mark. Aged distressed furnishings simulate age, helping to achieve cottage lifestyle warmth in the room as a whole. Individually, they come across as beautiful and artistic decorative pieces.

vintage bath handlesIn your cottage-style bathroom, the aged distressed look can be applied to furnishings, floors, countertops, and fixtures. Since it is considered the centerpiece of the bathroom, perhaps the first item that comes to mind is a bathroom vanity. Whether you choose a traditional vanity cabinet or a bathroom vanity sink, it should have an aged distressed surface with a protective hand finish. Various types of wood from maple and cherry to walnut and oak make compliant surfaces for aged vanities. It’s possible to buy one of these vanities brand new or to custom make one.

Very often, the sink is built into an aged distressed bathroom vanity. Without a vanity, the sink itself can carry the look. For instance, Charles Keath Home features hot and cold porcelain knobs on distressed wooden bases. Metal sinks and fixtures made from copper or stainless steal come weathered or antiqued from a process of hand hammering and other methods. However, this type of sink is also transferrable to an antique style kitchen. Be careful to combine metal with other, natural and cozy elements to maintain cottage style definition.

Aside from furniture, the very walls and floors in the bathroom can be aged with care and purpose. One possible technique is to paint the wall in the same way you might approach painting aged distressed cabinets. Other techniques include peeling and scuffing. These can also be applied to the bathroom door or window frame. Some designers will incorporate a distressed wood beam to a high bathroom ceiling.

As you can probably tell, one of the best parts about this look and style is the number of ways to get creative. There’s a custom feel to each piece because they’re given so much individual attention. This is part of the process. After all, cottage style is meant to feel personal.