A Master Bath Built with Shark Teeth?

From on May 28, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

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When designing a master-bath-spa-retreat, most people wouldn’t turn to ancient fossils for inspiration, but Robert and Jan Levine, owners of a Baltimore chain of jewelry-and-collector’s-item stores called Fire and Ice, are not the traditional types. With the help of a few key experts and a craving for quirky design, they brought this conversation-worthy bathroom to life.

So where do all the treasures lie? The vast majority of the fossils can be found in the rock wall in the shower – plant and fish fossils from the Rockies, shark teeth from South Carolina and Germany, and an ammonite from Russian, among others. The wall itself, as well as the stone ledge above, is designed like a steamy waterfall, with water flowing peacefully downward.

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As if that weren’t enough, the heated slate floor brought over from India also houses some very interesting (and very pricey) fossils, too. Also helping with the indoor/outdoor connection is a bank of windows spanning 17 feet that bring in the light and beauty of the garden below.

But nothing takes the cake quite like the climate-controlled lizard habitat created for Robert’s pet Australian bearded dragons. (Yes, you read correctly.) Local architect Becky Swanston was given the task of creating a terrarium large enough to house the animals while still keeping with the design. She commissioned help from Antony Wisiewski, the reptile director at Maryland Zoo, who ensured that no animals were harmed in the making of this bathroom. Seriously.

The one element of the room that garners much of the attention, however, is the striking vanity make from translucent black Pakistani onyx. Several designs and lighting experts later, it was decided that a thousands of xenon bulbs would be used to light it from the inside out.

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The design may be unusual, and the company not the most favorable (lizards just aren’t my thing), but this master bath could never be considered anything short of spectacular.