A Beautiful Before & After Bathroom Remodel

From on October 06, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


As CalFinder’s astute and delightful editor recently put it: “I’ve never met a bathroom before-and-after I didn’t like!” There is something about seeing the evolution of a space, isn’t there?

And bathrooms, in particular, can often be considered a less sexy renovation in a home. But oh, the difference a beautiful and thoughtful bathroom remodel can make. Not to mention what it can do to your finances, with savings available on water and energy bills through more efficient and updated appliances—as well as cash rebates and other incentives for being kinder to the environment.

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Take this bathroom, featured on Design Sponge (a fun resource for good old B-and-As, by the way). This bathroom is owned by Jenna Rose, in Ontario, who was determined to update her bathroom suite, which just wasn’t cutting it for her. Previously painted a deep brown with dark brown trim and (gasp) lime green curtains. The effect was heavy, outdated, and boxy. Jenna wanted to lighten things up.


This finished beauty features a back wall in a painted wallpaper, along with light cream-painted walls. The trim got a low-contrast finish of white to coincide with the substantial frame around the tub, which was sanded down and stained with a white oak finish.

And—don’t you love when this happens, especially to you?—the elegant chandelier was a thrift store find revived with simple new bulbs and a coat of spray paint. The finished result offers a bathroom elevated beyond the simple daily functions of a normal bathroom—it’s a spa-like sanctuary waiting to be used with candles and, say, Puccini in the background.