Bathroom Remodeling for Your Health

From on June 08, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


Though the bathroom is meant to be your sanctuary, few homeowners take advantage of all this space can offer. And even fewer understand the health benefits that a bathroom remodel can bring, particularly for those with allergies, asthma, sore muscles, tension headaches and other daily ailments.

Today I’ll break down some of the most therapeutic improvements you can make to your bathroom. For cost info on a bathroom remodel in your area, click here.

Add a Steam Shower


Everyone knows that a good steam shower feels amazing, but there are tangible health benefits as well. Unlike dry heat saunas, the steam’s high moisture content clears your sinus, soothes the respiratory tract and alleviates congestion. It helps you breathe easier by replenishing hydration in your lungs, as well as your nose, throat and skin cells. In fact, dermatologists praise steam therapy for its ability to open and refresh pores, making your skin softer while improving acne and other skin conditions.

Heat is also amazing for joint, muscular and skeletal pain. It can break up the lactic acid that accumulates in in your muscles, promoting healthy blood flow, movement and circulation. A steam shower can even help you get a better night’s sleep by relaxing the heart and helping your body unwind. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel this year, ask your contractor about incorporating a steam shower. They might cost more than a typical bathtub or shower, but it’s tough to put a price on health.

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Mold Abatement

Mold growth in your home can be a sneaky yet very serious problem. Producing allergens and even toxins, mold is often the culprit behind skin rashes, runny noses, red eyes, asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. Fortunately, there are steps you can take during your bathroom remodel to prevent mold. If ventilation has been an issue in the past, install a high-efficiency bathroom fan. Avoid putting in hardwood or carpet in the bathroom, as they facilitate mold growth and eventually rot.

You can also use a dehumidifier in the bathroom if you notice excess condensation on the windows. And of course, if you see or suspect mold growth in your home, call a professional to inspect and remove it. We do not advise that you clean the mold yourself without proper protection.

Window Installation


If you lack windows in this most humid of rooms, it’s worth installing at least one or two for better ventilation. Plus, the more natural light you get in the morning, the more energized you’ll feel throughout the day. Check window rates in your area by clicking here.

A vent installation may also be appropriate. Vents are usually installed in the wall above the bathroom door, or directing moisture upward to the ceiling. Frequent air circulation is key to preventing mold, countering indoor air pollution and keeping the bathroom nice and fresh.

Natural Elements

Do you really want a health-conscious bathroom remodel? Go for green bathroom fixtures or naturally-sourced materials. Non-VOC paints and cabinet surfaces are ideal, as they won’t off-gas carcinogens into your bathroom. In addition, recycled materials usually come from companies that care about the components they’re made from, which is great for both your family and the health of the environment.


What are your tips for a healthy bathroom?

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