7 Steamy Bathroom Remodel Trends

From on October 30, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

Gone are days of sterile and modest bathrooms. Today’s bathrooms are not utilitarian in nature - they’re comfortable, spacious, relaxing and cutting-edge. They’re taking traditional drippy little caves and transforming them into incredible home spa systems. Here are seven of the latest and innovative remodel trends:

#1 - Let There Be Lots and Lots of Light

steamy bathroom tile

As bathrooms get more and more attention as “the new den,” homeowners are letting in lots of light. Windows above baths are commonplace now, but skylights and lighting tubes are bringing more of that sweet sunshine into the bathroom.

#2 - Big Bathrooms

steamy modern bathroom

Now people want to use their bathrooms for more than the mere necessaries. The bathroom is the place to relax, read, sip wine, put on makeup, do nails, get dressed, watch TV, and oh, take a shower. Adding a dimension of space to the whole mix is essential, not to mention relaxing.

#3 - Powerful Ventilation

Most bathrooms are equipped with fans - the noisy little blowers mounted near the light that clear the bathroom of excess vapor and unpleasant odors. The new trend is to install extremely powerful fans, fans that are ten times as powerful as the old-school variety. By placing the motors of these fans in remote locations, owners can experience more power with less sound pollution. These fans can dry out a bathroom in minutes, keeping it fresh and clean.

#4 – Steaming it Up

steamy bathroom shower

In keeping with the home spa theme, many bathroom remodels are installing a steam machine or steam shower. These several-thousand dollar bathroom makeovers involve a total redesign, including comprehensive tile coverage, better drainage and vapor barriers on all exterior openings. Though it takes some more to-do, the relaxing comfort and thorough cleanse of a steam treatment is so very worth it.

#5 – Entertainment Systems

steamy bathroom tub

The multifunctional bathroom needs some entertainment. That’s why some people are installing television sets, surround sound stereo systems and even refrigerated coolers in their bathrooms.

#6 - Keeping it Private

steamy bathroom

Bathrooms still need toilets, but why not get this element of the bathroom furniture out of sight and a bit more private? That’s precisely what many remodelers are doing when they install the toilet in its own private nook.

#7 - Responsibly Green

steamy bathroom sink

It’s not all about making a comfortable bath. It’s also about contributing to a sustainable planet. Green products have had their entrance into the bathroom in the form of low-flow toilets, on-demand water heat, local building products and sustainable or all-natural materials

steamy bathroom

Photo credits: DigsDigs, MySteamRoom, CasaSugar, Tuvie, & Trendir