7 Shortcuts for Remodeling Your Bathroom in Record Time

From on January 12, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


You want to remodel your bathroom, but don’t want it to take eons to finish. Or to turn into the unexpectedly nightmarish project that your friend has been complaining about in their own home. The good news: you can remodel your bathroom in record time.

While we never encourage taking stupid shortcuts—think installing your own toilet using a youtube video for how-to’s, or trying to redo your plumbing yourself in one night of a motivated surge—but we are in favor of smart shortcuts. It’s what efficient bathroom remodeling is all about.

1. Find a Contractor

Don’t wait to screen bathroom contractors. Once you’ve got a preliminary plan in mind, contact a contractor who can help you choose and acquire the right materials. Bathroom contractors can help you know which ENERGY STAR rated appliances can save you energy and water—and can get you back that government rebate waiting for you.

For pricing on a bathroom remodel in your area, click here.

You can also look through CalFinder’s huge database of qualified contractors by state.

bathroom-planning2. Don’t Skimp on the Pre-planning

The key to knowing how to remodel your bathroom in record time is to start with a clear plan in mind. Ask yourself questions like, What am I wanting out of this remodel? What look am I going for? How much water and energy do I want to save with green products?

Pre-planning is essential to not only save time, but get your project completed with ultimate satisfaction—and within your budget and time frame. It’s up to you to complete this stage. Take a weekend and brainstorm your needs and desires. Make notes of your priorities, budget, and goals for the remodel. Include bathroom remodeling pictures and ideas on what bath vanities and countertops you’d like to go with.

3. Do Your Own Prep Work

Does furniture need to be removed from the bathroom before renovation begins? Wood stripped? Wallpaper removed before painting can begin? While you want to leave the technical tasks to the contractors, you can cut down on time by doing your part beforehand.

bathroom-remodel-gone-wrong4. Set a Strict Timeline

When you do bring a professional in to start, be clear about your bathroom timeline needs. Help them understand your project in stages, and what you expect time-wise. Remember to be flexible in a project like this—unexpected details will inevitably arise.

5. Do the Side Work

While you leave the big stuff to the big boys, work simultaneously to acquire any hardware, mirrors, and other smaller details that you can.

6. Finish On Your Own

Don’t wait for the painters to come back according to their scheduling needs—save yourself time and money by painting the bathroom yourself. With the proper prep work, you can do as professional job as anyone.

7. Consider Doing Your Bathroom Now

While these steps help, remember that proper timing is everything. If you’re considering your bathroom remodel, consider doing so now when contractors are more available and likely to negotiate on pricing.