6 Ways to Get Your Small Bathroom Remodel on Track

From on February 20, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel


Don’t be deceived. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it will necessarily be a smaller task to remodel.

But don’t be disheartened, either. Bathroom remodeling brings one of the best returns you can get for a home remodel. Especially if your small bathroom is outdated or slowing things down for your house, a simple remodel can revolutionize the entire home.

While a bathroom remodel seems overwhelming in all of its details and technical elements, it can be simple and straightforward with a little renovation jump start. Here are some tips to getting your small bathroom remodel on track:

1. Hire a budget-friendly contractor

The bathroom requires such technical skill to replace appliances and check into the plumbing—you want a great pro on your side. Take a look at CalFinder’s database of skilled and certified bathroom contractors in your area.

Or, for direct pricing on a project, click here.

You can build a small team that is perfect for this small renovation.

2. Arm yourself with a plan

Even the smallest of renovations require a clear plan to the end. Create a prioritized list of what you want done, as well as your cost expectations and bathroom remodeling pictures of what you’re going for.

3. Do some prep work yourself

If you’re the kind who likes to be directly involved, consider saving money and time by doing some of the initial work yourself. This can be as simple as clearing out the bathroom, ripping up old bathroom flooring and stripping down peeling wallpaper.

4. Go green and save

As you’re looking into materials and appliances, consider going green in your choices. Not only will you be kinder to the environment and more socially responsible—you can save yourself money now and in the long run. Many greener fixtures qualify for up to hundreds of dollars in rebates—and you can save on your monthly bills.

5. Get the materials right

Consider your materials, like a bathroom backsplash. A cool mosaic tile will last longer in humid climates or bathrooms without stellar ventilation, yet a sleek wallpaper may be just the right thing in another bathroom. Also consider floors that offer sub-surface heating and other great features.

6. Look at the bigger picture

The bathroom may be small, but you can still make big things happen. Don’t disregard how a small bathroom can radically improve storage options, as well as other functionality. Can the space above the toilet also serve as a linen closet? Does taking out the bath and only installing a shower leave room for another sink? Have you considered a brilliant small bath layout?

Think outside the box to make this little bathroom box amazing.