6 Vivacious Bathroom Vanities

From on October 22, 2009 in Bathroom Remodel

The word vanity alone means excessive pride and lack of usefulness. Maybe that’s what happens if you spend too much time leaning over the bathroom cabinet admiring yourself in the mirror, but whatever – who’s judging? Here are 6 modern bathroom vanities that might have you spending more time staring at your cabinetry than at that beautiful face in the mirror. Bathroom Vanity Remodeling#1 - The Contemporary Blue Glass Vanity-Solace by Bath Gems is certainly unique. Although it doesn’t present much storage space, it’s gorgeous with sleek lines and a modern sheen. We love the combination of different colored glass and steel. Best of all, the blue glass vessel bowl sink is included.

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling

#2 - Another gem from Bath Gems is the Stratton. This is a vanity to delight basket lovers. The vanity looks clean and compact with a wooden basket weave motif on the front and a granite top with a drop-in sink. One intriguing feature is that it stands on legs, not flat on the floor, lending the piece a cool, casual furniture feel.

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling#3 - Classy and sleek like a polished Grand Piano or Billy Zane in a tuxedo on the deck of the Titanic (before disaster strikes) is the Black Lacquered Console by Devon&Devon. It’s black, shiny, curvaceous and stunning. The addition of this beautiful vanity might just mean you’ll have to class up the rest of your bathroom, but it would be worth it. The vanity offers a small amount of storage by way of two drawers and sits atop tapered cast-aluminum legs that come in a chrome or gold finish.

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling#4 - For a more traditional look, the Francisco Sink Cabinet offers Old World-style craftsmanship. Made of reclaimed wood and hand-pounded copper, this vanity looks like an heirloom treasure. It offers plenty of storage space with its eight drawers - four on either side of the central compartment. The beautiful wood is mirrored fabulously with the addition of warm copper door and drawer panels, a solid copper vanity top and copper sink.

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling#5 - The T450 is definitely not Old World; it’s a vanity for a very modern bathroom. The piece is simple in design yet clean and intriguing. This vanity is basically a set of two very wide drawers, one under the other in asymmetrical stacking. It’s a clever way to obtain storage space while keeping hideous plumbing totally behind the scenes. With the sink set off to one side, it gives the appearance of haphazard awesomeness just casually dropped into place.

Bathroom Vanity Remodeling#6 - Aptly named Traditional Bathroom Vanity, this cabinet is a throwback to French provincial style. It’s white with lots of beautiful trim work and sits upon claw feet. The simple elegance will give your bathroom a lovely focal point without going over the top.

Pick your favorite vanity from the list and we might just write a blog for you featuring more of the same!