6 Bathroom Design Trends Worth a Closer Look

From on February 18, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Brace yourself. Bathroom designs are all over the place, from earth tones and natural essentials to vivid color and daring prints. Here are 6 bathroom trends worthy of a closer look.

#1 - Au Naturale

bathroom trends earth friendly

What better way to be earth-friendly than showcasing nature? Organic cotton towels printed with flora and fauna bring the outdoors in. You can fill glass canisters with dried lavender and rosebuds for a calming room freshener. And nothing sets a tranquil mood (and saves energy) like soft lamp lighting.

#2 - Splash of Turquoise

bathroom trends turquoise

Bet you thought pillows were only for the beds and sofas. They’ve brilliantly made their way into the bath, along with matching plush towels. The contrast of dark and turquoise is palatable.

#3 - Glimmer of Elegance

bathroom trends elegance

Brushed-nickel bath basics, attractive glass candleholders and a centerpiece vase accessorize the counter for a fraction of a faucet’s cost. However, if it’s time to upgrade fixtures, nickel offers a classier look than most shiny metals.

#4 – Bring in the Natural Elements

bathroom trends candles

Candles dappled with “ocean blues, lush greens and sunset oranges” glow warmth into a room where there was talk of it once being primarily utilitarian.

#5 – Countertop Goodies

bathroom trends countertops

It’s unusual to see strings of glass beads and cast-iron cowbells in a bathroom. But who says you have to decorate your space in a run-of-the-mill fashion? The handmade basket is a catchall for treasures to come.

#6 - Time-Honored Style

bathroom trends classic style

It is the look of yesteryear: burgundy with gold trappings and the hue of ivory on earthenware. The opulence of wood, bronze and leather are forever in style.

Source: HGTV