Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget? 5 Ways to Trim the Excess

From on July 15, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


There are a hundred reasons why the bathroom is the most commonly remodeled room.

For many homeowners, it’s to update a nauseating 70’s or 80’s aesthetic. Others suffer plumbing issues, want more moving-about space and cabinets, or need to update to help sell their home.

And in this less-than desirable economy, not every homeowner can afford the lavish $30,000 remodel.

Looking to update your bathroom, but can’t afford said penthouse-worthy remodel?

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Budget Bathroom Remodeling: Striking the Perfect Balance

For the bathroom remodel on a budget, you should first determine which aspects are most important to you. Make sure they’ll also serve as practical, beneficial upgrades.

Is it updating the plumbing system and fixtures? How about a combination of functional items (the sink and old floor tiles) and more cosmetic ones (new paint and countertops).

Chances are, the bathroom remodel will be a grander success if you strike a nice balance between essentials and cosmetics, considering the often exuberant costs of new plumbing and major fixtures.

Keep the following useful tips in mind:

  1. Updating items like bathroom tile, paint, wall coverings, and window treatments, while it won’t net you any more space or a big new Jacuzzi overlooking the lake, can dramatically alter the mood and atmosphere of the room. Check out some bathroom pictures here.
  2. Think about investing in smaller, more affordable fixtures and materials like new grout between tiles, a sink faucet, above-the-vanity lighting, modern cabinet pulls, and fresh paint. Even a job consisting of only a new faucet, tub spout, and new shower head can do miracles in terms of your bathroom looking and feeling part of the 21st-century.
  3. Plan around 50% of your budget around hiring a reasonable contractor, especially for jobs that even the most confident DIY’er would think twice about, like installing pipes, a new bathtub, or demolishing a wall.
  4. In descending order, these are typically where the most costs are incurred: plumbing, sink, vanity and countertop installation, hiring professional help, and old floor removal and new tiling. All else is usually very reasonable cost-wise.
  5. For cabinets, instead of installing all-new ones, think about refacing your existing ones. Wood veneering is also a growing trend you may want to check out. Additionally, think about updating or adding new pulls to them.

Decide which items you can tackle without help. Then, let a fairly priced professional handle the more labor-intensive work.


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