5 Stunning Budget Bathroom Remodels

From on January 08, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels can be either prime moneymakers when you go to sell the house, or the second-largest money pit (after the kitchen, of course). It all comes down to striking a balance – spending the least amount necessary for maximum return on your investment. We’ll show you how to remodel on even the tightest of budgets.

#1 – The Power of Modern Updates

Like these remodelers have proven, retro doesn’t have to mean rip out. The update includes original 1950s fixtures and tile, saving thousands upon thousands of dollars. The full bath has a shower to the left (not pictured), a built-in cabinet and plenty of turnaround space. Accessorized and painted with yellow to warm the room, a few dollars transformed this room to chic and sunny.

#2 - Only $8,000 for a Million-Dollar Bathroom

Estimated on Rate My Space as a $40,000 makeover, this 5 x 8 room took only a small chunk of change to look like a million bucks. They took an originally all-white bathroom (tub, sink, vanity, tiles - everything), and installed large shower tiles all the way to the nine-foot ceiling, as well as small one-inch glass tiles and slate to accent the vanity. The cabinetry, washbasin and Zen faucet-to-die-for were purchased online. The mirror was cut locally to fit the wall, and recessed lighting installed to add visual space.

#3 - Step Into Affordable Style

Artsy year-round, this $1,000 weekend project yielded a half bath with clean lines and a serious splash of class. The pedestal glass sink, ladder shelf and square mirror are topped by a funky print from Crate & Barrel.

#4 - Bargain Basement

The naturally calming combo of porcelain white and Zen green, along with other neutral colors, work well atop the mahogany-stained concrete floor. For the clearance price of $300, the couple added a marble-topped vanity with porcelain bowl and the square mirror above. All this happened in their reclaimed basement that now houses a guest suite and family room.

#5 - I Want One!

Beach buckets for the towel holder and wastebasket, a can of paint and a great shower curtain are all in a day’s remodel for this kid’s bath. Paint it yourself and you’ve just saved enough for a vacation to the beach.

Photo Credit: HGTV