5 Small Bathrooms with a Lot to Say

From on February 23, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Ever listened to your bathroom? What’s it saying? If it’s screaming, “I’m small and cluttered!”, there are several things you can do to calm it down, open it up and make it a happy, homey space. These 5 small bathrooms have got it all figured out:

#1 - Floating Vanity

small bathroom floating vanity

A floating vanity can give the illusion of space while creating more countertop surface area. The idea is to select the wall where the vanity would normally go, but rather than tucking it into the corner, install it closer to the center and top it with a counter wider than the cabinet. The open space under the countertop gives a more spacious feel and can also be a great nesting place for your trash, hamper or towel rack.

#2 - Through the Looking Glass

small bathroom mirror

Glass and mirrors are often used in stores and restaurants to make the interiors look bigger. The same can be applied to your bathroom. By replacing your small medicine cabinet with a larger, mirrored-front version, you can increase your storage space and make the room look so much bigger.

Another alternative is to hang a large mirror on one of the walls. You can also replace your shower curtain with a glass enclosure. This allows the eye to see continuously from one end to the other rather than cutting off your view at the tub’s edge.

#3 - Under-Cabinet Storage

small bathroom cabinet storage

When it comes to bathroom linens, towels and washcloths, we tend to look to the walls for storage. This can take up precious visual space, whereas placing the towel racks elsewhere leaves your walls open and uncluttered. The best location is under the vanity top. Remember that floating vanity? Install the towel racks on the open side of the cabinet, or place a standing towel rack below and you can keep that precious space to yourself.

#4 - Color of Money

small bathroom painting

One of the simplest things you can do to increase the visual space in your bathroom is also one of the cheapest: painting. By adding bright, vibrant colors, the room will feel more spacious, but also more cheerful. Dark and dank feels small; bright and happy feels big. Naturally, white is the suggested color of spaciousness, but if it feels too sterile for you, try adding some paneling and molding to the bottom half of your bathroom walls and painting those white instead. It will add a touch of character, too.

#5 - Cabin Fever

small bathroom cabinets

It may seem counterproductive to add more cabinets to your already small bathroom, but it can actually make the room appear larger. The more cabinetry you add, the less clutter you’ll have out in the open. Focus on open spaces and clean lines. A countertop or other area that’s busy with belongings is a visual eyesore. Get them neatly tucked away into an extra cabinet and the eye is free to wander through the rest of the space.