5 Eclectic Small Bathroom Designs

From on August 04, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Because of its typically small size and utilitarian purposes, the bathroom can sometimes be disregarded as a place to create good design and beauty. But that notion couldn’t be more incorrect. You know this. You’ve walked into a friend’s bathroom and gasped in delight, or ogled the powder room at a dinner party and have been tempted to skip the tiramisu just to admire the tiling longer. I know you love pretty bathrooms as much as I do. Here are some ideas to take your own bathroom from blah to beautiful and unique.

#1 – Old-World Glam

old world small bathroom

In a place where function reigns, go with old-world glam to soften the space. Paint the walls to look as if they’ve been around for centuries. Switch out the mirror for an antique mart find. Hang a chandelier. A woven rug not originally intended for a bathroom. And add unique details that will make the space entirely yours, as with this dress. Or a stack of books on an old stool. Or candles lining the ledge above the tub. Or an old record player with opera records lined beside it. The options are infinite.

#2 – Dark, Intriguing Tile

dark tile small bathroom

Particularly in a small bathroom, where unexpected details give you a big bang for your buck, dark tiling can revolutionize a simple neutral bathroom into a classy corner. The simple and straightforward shapes of the porcelain, mirror and white window contrast this dark tiling beautifully.

#3 – Feminine Chic

feminine small bathroom

For a very feminine space, the details make all the difference. Switch out the light fixtures and create an option for dimmer bath-time lighting. Add heavy but delicate drapes. And introduce a bit of luxury in the details of vanity seating and general linens. Glass of wine not included.

#4 – Bold Wall Prints

bold print small bathroom

While you may not want to go so far as to change all the cabinetry, hardware and porcelain, you can completely change the look of a bathroom with a bold print. Again, the smaller the space, the more dramatic a bold print can seem. Add small details that complement and bring out the print. Change out the hardware and linens to match.

#5 – Masculine Minimalism

masculine small bathroom

For a masculine and strong look, go dark all around. While this bathroom uses marble and tiling, a similar effect can be achieved with high-gloss gloss paint. Stay away from delicate details and go for the bolder minimalist choices. To keep it from being too stark, consider adding a third color, as seen here.

Photo Credit: Twig Hutchinson, Rachael Smith, Nuevo-Estilo, Sunset, & Greg Natale