5 Reasons to Remodel Your Ugly Old Bathroom Now

From on April 05, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

Modern-Style Bathroom Remodel

Your friends know it, you know it, your mother knows it: the bathroom needs work. So let’s help you kick spring remodeling season into gear. Here are 5 reasons to remodel your ugly old bathroom now.

1. You love a good bargain

With the construction industry in yet another slump, contractor fees have been significantly reduced. If ever there was a time to remodel, this is it. Find out how much you can get away with by clicking here.

2. Your spouse owes you one

If you haven’t been pampered since your honeymoon, it’s probably time to cash in on a few promises. We’ve got your spa bathroom ideas right here, as well as master bath pictures and an ultra sexy design to inspire you. Don’t forget to request your soaking tub with jets, heated flooring and a skylight for stargazing. Ahhh, now we’re relaxed.

3. Your flooring is carpet… and it’s starting to smell

Never mind why you have carpet in the bathroom—let’s just get that cleared out for you. Flooring installation jobs start at a couple hundred or less. At the very least, take care of mold and ventilation problems by installing new flooring. Tile and vinyl are excellent (and funk-free) choices.

Beautiful master bathroom remodel

4. You engage in bathroom wars every morning

If getting to work or school on time involves an epic battle for the shower every morning, consider adding another bathroom. Think of all the time you’ll save (and feelings you’ll spare). For bigger families, check out bathroom plans that feature separate shower and toilet areas. This is a fantastic way to maximize efficiency in the home, and our contractors are plenty skilled in spatial planning and design.

5. Your bathroom somewhat resembles a drippy cave

OK, here’s worst-case scenario: leaky faucets, mildew in the corners, creatures purring under the floorboards, etc. This is a sign that your bathroom has fallen victim to the swamp look, a problem not as uncommon as you might think. Even if yours isn’t a total loss, here’s what you can do: find out how much a remodel would cost you, replace the essentials and get back to sweet bathroom bliss. We have faith in you.

Did I miss any important reasons to remodel? Let me know in the comments!

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