5 Cool Bathroom Innovations

From on July 15, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

Thanks to an increase in technology, the bathroom is no longer just for bathing. If you want yours to feel like a spa retreat or perhaps a movie theater (awesome, I know), then check out these 5 innovations taking bathrooms by storm.

#1 – Entertainment Technology

bathroom innovation tv

Perhaps you’ve envisioned lounging in the bathtub while watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives (sorry, I’m channeling myself here), or you’d like to jam out to some tunes while fixing your hair. That, my friends, can be done with a flat-screen TV and top-of-the-line sound system, both of which can now be installed right in your bathroom.

#2 – Radiant Heating

bathroom innovation radiant heating

For those who dread that first step from you warm bed in the mornings only to be accosted by freezing cold bathroom floors, no problem! Get yourself some radiant heating. In addition to heating floors, it can also be used to heat towels as well. Now that’s luxury.

#3 – Bathroom Fireplace

bathroom innovation fireplace

In keeping with the heat trend, why not install a warm and inviting fireplace? What used to be reserved for living and family rooms is now making its way into the bathroom as well. Not only would a fireplace encourage relaxation, but it can also rid those after-shower shivers.

#4 – Spa Tub, Shower or Steam Room

bathroom innovation spa tub

As bathrooms designs move away from necessity toward rest and relaxation, tubs and showers are taking on a spa-like feel. Now they offer features like multiple body sprays and jets. Plus, adding a steam room inside the bathroom is a viable option as well.

#5 – Open, Inviting Layouts

bathroom innovation shower floor

Another innovation in shower design: an open layout that allows the structure to become part of the room. This makes the bathroom feel more open and inviting while simultaneously encouraging lounging. Seriously.

If you’re considering bringing your bathroom into the 21st century, there are a ton of interesting innovations to choose from. The sky’s the limit.

Thanks, HGTV for the idea.
Thanks to BornRich, BTU Busters, Fireplace Designs, Auberge, & homescape for the pictures!