5 Brilliant Small Bathroom Layouts That Work in Any Home

From on December 19, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


It goes without saying: a bathroom is an important place in the house. The bathroom provides a huge percentage of your home’s functionality—and has to look great for when guests are over.

But remodeling a small bathroom can be especially tough. You want a shower-with-vanity set-up, but limited space doesn’t seem to allow for that without feeling cramped. Well. Here are some bathroom ideas that make everything work, and with great style.

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If your bathroom is driving you nuts or just not working, use these pictures as inspiration:

1. Modern Small Bathroom Layout

small-bathroom-remodel-design With an elongated tub working alongside a shower corner that includes a spa-quality spout and narrow full-length mirror, this bathroom packs a lot of punch for its small square footage. A window even lets in fresh air, barred with bushes for privacy. Note the simplicity of the detailing, including the lighting above.

2. Space-Savvy Master Bathroom

symmetrical-small-bathroom-remodel Taking notes from the narrow symmetry of a galley kitchen layout, this bathroom provides two private sides without taking up a crazy amount of space. Symmetry helps with the clean lines, and the low-contrast color scheme keeps everything light and fresh. Plus, glossy bathroom tile leads way to a beautifully showcased tub with a view.

3. Zen-Modern Small Bathroom

zen-small-bathroom-design Don’t think that you have to sacrifice individuality in a simplified bathroom. This Japanese-inspired space offers a wonderful atmosphere without taking up too much room. In fact, this same bathroom could easily be achieved with far less square footage than this.

4. Japanese-Inspired Efficiency

space-efficient-small-bathroom-remodel This INAX bathroom, a Japanese company specializing in small bathroom layouts, works with the vertical space and includes everything that would bring comfort and functionality without crowding aesthetics.

5. Traditional Small Bathroom Remodel

traditional-small-bathroom This traditional bathroom remodel gives the illusion of much more space with great simple choices. The corner medicine cabinet. The sink with storage below. The shower and tub combination with gauzy linens. Simple lighting. Beautiful and smart.